Treasure Rooms are rooms found in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Treasure Room (also known as the Item Room) is a room without Monsters that contains an Item on a pedestal. All items in the Treasure Room draw from the Treasure Room Item Pool. Therefore, items from other rooms (Devil Room, Challenge Room, Angel Room, etc.) cannot be found, unless they are in multiple pools.

It often requires a key or the XVII The Stars tarot card teleport to access the room. The exception being The Basement 1/The Cellar 1, which does not require a key. The Basement/Cellar XL does require a key for both item rooms, however.

It is located on every floor until The Womb/Utero and onwards.

The room has a golden door frame, and the room symbol on the minimap has a crown on it.

The room might contain Fireplaces, Rocks and/or Poop in the corners or two adjacent to the pedestal. The fireplaces can be replaced by Hellfireplaces.

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