Trinkets are a type of passive item that can be picked up and dropped at will added in The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb expansion. The ability to drop trinkets after picking them up was added in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The Tick trinket, however, is still permanent once picked up. Trinkets add passive bonuses to the player, but can only be held one at a time, unless the item Mom's Purse is collected. This item allows two trinkets to be held at once, though they cannot both be the same trinket.

List of TrinketsEdit

Name & Image In-game pickup quote Effect
Ace of Spades Luck of the draw Increases the chance of finding cards.

Bent Paperclip

Lockpicking master Randomly allows Isaac to open locked chests without keys.

Bible Tract

Faith Up
Burnt Penny Randomly generates bombs when picking up coins.
Butt Penny Wealth of farts Isaac emits a knock-back fart whenever he picks up a coin.


Your feet feel stronger Allows Isaac to walk over spikes without taking damage
Cancer Yay, cancer! Greatly increases tear firing rate.
Child's Heart It calls to its brothers Increases the chance of finding red hearts.

Counterfeit Penny

Wealth of wealth Randomly increases the value of coins by 1. Can be found in gold poop.
Cursed Skull Cursed? Will teleport Isaac out of the current room when he is reduced to 1/2 heart of health.
Daemon Tail Evil up
Eve's Bird Foot Randomly spawns a transparent, one-legged version of the Dead Bird familiar when enemies are hit by tears.
Flat Penny Wealth of answers Randomly generates keys when picking up coins.

Fish Head

It stinks Generates flies when Isaac takes damage.

Game Cartridge

I remember these

Goat Hoof

Speed up Increases Isaac's speed.
Isaac's Fork Consume thy enemies Randomly heals Isaac by 1/2 a red heart when he kills an enemy.
Isaac's Head Isaac's head becomes a familiar that shoots piercing tears.

The Left Hand

The left-hand path reaps dark rewards All chests that are spawned will be Red Chests.
Liberty Cap Touch fuzzy get dizzy Randomly adds a mushroom effect in different rooms. The text "touch fuzzy, get dizzy" is a reference to the name of level 7 in world 1 of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. In this level, Yoshi is faced with the enemy "Fuzzy", and if he touches one it makes a distorted exploding sound and causes Yoshi to get extremely dizzy, difficult to move around and jump, and hallucinate that the environment is distorting as though he was under the influence of a powerful drug.
Match Stick Tastes like burning Increases chance of finding bombs.

A Missing Page

It glows with power Randomly produces the Necronomicon effect when Isaac takes damage.
Mom's Pearl Increases chance of finding soul hearts.

Monkey Paw



Wish Granted

When the player is reduced to 1/2 heart of health, Monkey Paw generates a sin heart and the image of the trinket changes from an open hand to one finger down to two fingers down. When the Monkey Paw is activated for the third time, it disappears completely. Dropping a partially-used Monkey Paw will show the default, open-paw image, but once it is picked up it will resume the form it had before it was dropped.

The Monkey Paw is a reference to the short story W W Jacobs, in which a man receives a monkey's paw from a house guest, which grants him three wishes, resulting in the death of his wife and child.

Mysterious Candy Uh-oh! Isaac randomly poops over time. Eventually turns into the Butt Penny trinket (confirmation needed)

Petrified Poop

It feels lucky? Can be found randomly in poop. Increases Isaac's chance to find items in poop.
Pinky Eye Poison shots Randomly gives tears a poison effect.
Push Pin Piercing shots Isaac occasional shoots a piercing, spectral tear.
Rusted Key It feels lucky? Increases the chance of finding keys.
Safety Cap Don't swallow it Increases the chance of finding pills.
The Tick Well, that's not coming off
Umbilical Cord Umbilical protection Spawns a Little Steve familiar when Isaac is reduced to 1/2 a heart of health.